Thursday, 6 February 2014

MAC Lipstick Review - Creme In Your Coffee & Shy Girl

A brand new MAC store (yes... a WHOLE store of wonderful MAC goodies - not just a counter!) opened recently in Aberdeen where I live. On my first visit to the store I went wild frantically buying lipsticks, palettes, refills, and anything else I could get my mitts on.

Two of the lipsticks that really stood out for me were Creme In Your Coffee and Shy Girl. Both of these are Cremesheen and smell wonderful - there's a hint of sugar about them which you can't really taste but get a whiff of as you apply it. Which is always nice. They are very different and therefore are going to suit very different occasions.

Creme In Your Coffee
Beginning with Creme In Your Coffee: I've had a lot of wear out of this already. I've worn it on a few nights out and as its quite a dramatic lipstick I've kept my eyes reasonably free of shadow while I wore it. I find that my face tends to look a wee bit cluttered if I have both heavy eye shadow and a dark lip (but that's just me!)

Swatch of Creme In Your Coffee
All the MAC lipsticks I find (like the eye shadows) are heavily pigmented. This means that you can wear the lipstick on its own all over or add a smaller amount of it and mix with a lip balm - Vaseline is great for this as it gives your lips a lovely glossy look and also hydrates them which at this time of year is usually much needed!

Creme In Your Coffee is named quite strangely I think - its not a creamy coffee colour nor is it a pale lipstick: its a lovely dark reddy brown which emulates the colour of the natural lip but much darker. It does last well on because of how pigmented it is and you only need to reapply every few hours or so (obviously more if you are eating and drinking whilst wearing it.)

Swatch of Shy Girl
Shy Girl
Next I'm looking at Shy Girl which, like Creme In Your Coffee, is also Cremesheen. This one is much, much paler with a slight coral undertone which I think is really pretty and gives a lovely muted effect while still looking gorgeous on the lip.

I use this lipstick most days now as it goes with most make-up looks that I wear day to day.

Comparing it with Creme In Your Coffee is like comparing day and night. Shy Girl suits its name perfectly - its very understated and looks effortless on. Creme In Your Coffee is much stronger and bolder.

Both of these lipsticks are well worth a buy. They retail at £15 each from MAC Cosmetics.

Shy Girl teamed with Naked Lunch,
Satin Taupe and Shadowy Lady MAC eyeshadows
Creme In Your Coffee paired with
Woodwinked MAC eyeshadow

A BIG cheesy grin - wearing Shy Girl


  1. I WANT. Argh, Emma what are you doing to me?! The temptation is too much! Haha. Love the Creme in your Coffee shade; it's like a dark neutral :) Wendy xx
    Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World

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  3. I just started wearing the Cremesheen's. Definitely going to check out creme in your Coffee (I put cup the first time, lol!), loving that color.

    xo, Manda

    1. Haha no worries, still makes sense! :) Cremesheens are definitely my favourite - got Jubilee a wee while ago, its Lustre and really nice as well, but the Cremesheens pip it to the post! :) I've followed you. Cool blog! :) xxx