Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Vera Wang 'Princess' - Fragrance

My first review is of something that I have worn for many years and something I don't think I could live without! 'Princess' by American fashion designer Vera Wang was launched in 2006 and remains a popular seller to this day. It has notes of waterlily, apple, dark chocolate, vanilla, musk and amber. A sweet but sensual fragrance, it is definitely 'my' kind of perfume. Fragrance is a great thing to give you a boost. If you get up and aren't feeling particularly glamourous a quick spritz of the right perfume can lift your mood instantly and make you feel more girly and lovely. My other favourite perfumes include Dolce & Gabbana 'The One' and especially 'Rose The One' which smells very similar but has lovely notes of rose and is a lot more feminine. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is another staple in my beauty routine but this perfume is very heavy and musky and one that I tend to save for special or formal occasions rather than everyday wear. It will definitely get you noticed and people will always tell you that you smell nice or ask you what kind of perfume you are wearing! It has been proven that smell and memory are heavily linked; our brains link smells to events, places and people so when we smell something we have smelled before we are instantly reminded of that particular person or place. For me, my mum has worn the same perfume for years - Hugo Boss 'Woman' - and one sniff of that makes me feel really close to her! I find it lovely when you have those moments when you smell something that pulls you back to your childhood; my grandparents owned a farm so the smell of manure isn't completely horrible to me, it reminds me of running around their farm as a small child skinning my knees and playing in the dirt making mud pies - I suppose for most other people it smells completely disgusting! So there you go, my first rambling review. I hope that these become better the more I practise. The point of this blog, aside from all these ideas inside my head becoming fully flegded reviews, is to connect with like-minded people so if you read this and have any comments or ideas to contribute please do let me know by just dropping me a few words below.

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