Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I've been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift lately. Her latest album 'Red' is the reason for this post. I've always loved red nails. Red is bright, eye-catching, classy and totally timeless. It has that Marilyn Monroe feel to it and there is nothing more ladylike than having finely filed blood red nails. These colours are some of my favourites: Rimmel Precious Stones in the shade Ruby Crush that I did a post on earlier in the month, Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in the colour Midnight Red - this colour is one I've used for a long time as its a twist on the typical bright red and slightly darker and therefore more subtle. The middle colour is Rimmel 60 Seconds in the shade Rapid Ruby - this dries ultra quick and doesn't chip for a few days (plus it's very cheap!) the last two colours are Maxfactor Nailfinity in the shade Red Passion and Rimmel in the I <3 Lasting Finish collection in the colour Double Decker Red. These two are really quite similar but have a different finish. The Maxfactor is slightly pinker, only a touch, and is glossier and feels smoother on your nail. These colours are bound to pick you up out of the snowy weather and add some pizazz back into your beauty routine.

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